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  Body Wrap - Lose Weight

What is a Body Wrap?
A Body Wrap is a treatment which helps in taking off inches, changing body shape, size, contour, as well as tightening and toning the skin. It helps you to lose weight. It involves wrapping the body with different types of bandages which are saturated with our special ingredients. The treatment is applied to the specific areas of concern and it aids in slimming and dispersing the toxins which cause cellulite.

Nearly all body wraps whether they are sea clay, mineral, or herbal body wrap , work similarly. They work by absorbing the toxins and tightening the skin.

How does a Body Wrap Work?
Body Wraps draw and extract toxins from a deeper area, as they shrink the fatty deposits from compression. They also help tighten and tone the skin.

Benefits of Body Wrap

  • It detoxifies the skin.
  • It detoxifies fat cells
  • The ingredients may stimulate skin cells to release water, which may cause a reduction in inches .
  • It provides a relaxing and convenient alternative to strenuous exercise gimmicks and expensive, painful plastic surgery.
  • It promotes thorough cleansing, as well as effective body toning - and results in inch loss too!

Who can benefit from Body Wraps?

ANYONE who wants to look and feel younger can benefit from body Wraps:

  • People who don't have excess weight, but want to lose a few inches and improve their shape
  • Women with cellulite problems
  • Anyone who needs to tighten body tissue
  • Anyone who would like to lose toxins from their bodies.
  • People who want to lose inches from the RIGHT places.
  • Men and women who want to smooth and tighten their skin for a more youthful appearance.
  • Women with loose skin from pregnancy or weight changes.
  • Men and women who are "too thin" but still need firming, toning and shaping .
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