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   Exercise Videos

You can work out at home with exercise videos and control all aspects of your workout like what you do, when you do it, how you do it and whom you do it with.

You can choose any type of workout you're in the mood for losing weight : aerobics, strength training and yoga. If you change your mind after 5 minutes, you can pop out the tape and start a new one. You don't have to coordinate your workout schedule with an aerobics instructor or personal trainer. Your home gym provides a private workout where you can be part of a large aerobics or step class without anyone noticing that you have two left feet or can't keep up. Your relaxed dress code allows you to feel at ease in those funky sweats you like to wear. Building a library of videos means you can crosstrain by varying the type, length and intensity of your workouts. Variety eliminates boredom and prevents injuries. You can add, drop, or repeat exercises, or do two or more workouts back to back with a click of your remote control.

  • Exercise Videos are inexpensive. You DON'T have to pay hundreds of dollars per year like you do for joining a for a health club.
  • Variety. There are many excellent videos on the market, so there's something to suit everyone's style and fitness level.
  • Excellent instruction. Many (though not all) video instructors are terrific teachers with years of experience. Advanced exercisers might even find more challenging routines on video than at their local club.
  • Weather or Darkness won't preempt your workout.
  • Privacy. Overweight or out of shape exercisers (and some skinny, fit ones, too) may feel self-conscious at a gym.
  • Convenience. Sometimes it's just easier to pop a tape in the VCR than to drive to a gym. Many of us would never exercise regularly if we had to get in a car and fight traffic to do it.
  • You can rewind. If you have two left feet, a screaming child in the room, or really like part of a routine, you can always rewind the tape. Just remember to keep moving while rewinding to keep your heart rate up.
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