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Glossary of Weight Loss Terms

Ideal body weight:The weight appropriate for an individual that results in a body mass index of 20- 25

Ideal Weight Chart:To find your ideal weight range you need to identify your frame size.

Ileum:The lowest section of the small intestine. It is involved in absorbing digested food into the body.

Impotence: the inability in males to start,sustain or complete the act of sexual intercourse
Insulin a hormone produced by the pancreas that lowers blood glucose.

Individual Beliefs:Overt and covert beliefs held that guide our decisions (eating and otherwise)

Induction:Starting labor through the use of synthetic hormones.

Insoluble: fiber:Fiber that, for the most part, does not dissolve in water. It includes cellulose, some hemicelluloses, and lignin

Insulin: Dependent Diabetes see type 1 diabetes.

Insulin Resistance: many people with noninsulin-dependent diabetes produce enough insulin, but their bodies do not respond to the action of insulin. This may happen because the person is overweight and has too many fat cells, which do not respond well to insulin. Also, as people age, their body cells lose some of the ability to respond to insulin.

Insulin Dependent Diabetes: Occurs when the pancreas does not produce insulin at all leading to elevated blood glucose

Intramuscular: administration of a medication through a needle into the muscles.

Intravenous: administration of a medication through a needle into a vein.

Intensity:How hard the body works during an activity. In general, the higher your heart rate (that is, the faster your heart beats) the more intense the activity.

Internal obliques:Muscles that run upward and inward from the hip bones to the lower ribs, allowing you to rotate and bend at the waist. These are located underneath the external obliques

Intervals:Speed workouts, usually run on a track, with distances and target paces decided before you run. They typically consist of relatively short sprints of 220 yards to 1 mile interspersed with rest periods of slower running

Islet Cells: (of Langerhans) clusters of cells in the pancreas which include the beta (insulin producing) and alpha (glucagon producing) cells.

Isometrics:A system of exercise in which opposing muscles are contracted. There is little movement even though both muscle sets are exerting force.

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