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Glossary of Weight Loss Terms

Macrovascular: referring to the large blood vessels.

Malabsorption:The is when the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract is poor (low level). This can be caused by drug side effects or a health condition or disease.

Maximal: Oxygen Uptake:The maximum volume of oxygen an individual can consume per minute of work. It is often used to evaluate an athlete's cardiovascular efficiency. Trained individuals have a higher VO2 max than untrained individuals allowing for increase intensity and performance when exercising.

Maximum Heart Rate: The fastest that your heart can beat when doing activity. Rather than actually measuring the peak rate that your heart can beat, it is easier to predict what that rate is. We can do this by using a simple formula: 220 – age = maximum heart rate.

Metabolism: the physical and chemical changes occurring in the body.

Meridia:A weight loss diet pill that suppresses appetite by inhibiting the re-uptake of applicable hormones.

Microalbuminuria: leakage of small amounts of protein (albumin) into the urine. An early warning of kidney damage.

Microfiber:Fabric of tightly woven polyester or nylon fibers that offers good resistance to wind and light rain, as well as breathability. Shells used for outdoor workouts are frequently made of this lightweight fabric.

Microvascular: referring to the small blood vessels.

Millimole (mmol): a measurement of the concentration of chemicals in the body.

Minerals: Nutrients needed by the body in small amounts to help it function properly and stay strong. Iron, calcium, potassium, and sodium are minerals.

Monila:Monila can be transferred through sexual relations of the man has it on the skin white patches are seen on the vaginal wall, this suggests Monila.

Monosaccharide: Monosaccharides, also called simple sugars, consist of a single sugar molecule and cannot be further decomposed by hydrolysis. They form the basis of more complex sugars.

Morbid Obesity: Body Mass Index of 40 or more, which is roughly equivalent to 100 pounds or more over ideal body weight; a weight level that is life risking.

Morbid Obesity Diet:Also known as after gastric bypass surgery diet, gastroplasty diet, and roux en y diet. Strict nutritional regime followed by post-operative bariatric surgery patients. Often limits patients to less than 800 calories per day.

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