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Glossary of Weight Loss Terms

Nephropathy: Disease of the kidneys. Hyperglycaemia and can damage the glomeruli of the kidneys. When the kidneys are damaged, protein leaks out into the urine. Damaged kidneys can no longer remove waste and extra fluids from the bloodstream.

Neuropathy: Disease, inflammation or damage to the peripheral nerves, which connect to the spinal cord and brain, or central nervous system. Most neuropathies arise from damage to the axons or their myelin sheaths.

Nutraceutical:A naturally occurring food (Garlic, Soy) or food supplement (Cod Liver Oil) believed to have beneficial effects on human health.

NIDDM: Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes.

Nutrients: Substances obtained from food and used to provide energy and structural materials for the growth, maintenance and repair of the body's tissue.

Nutrition: The process by which living creatures obtain energy from food and drink for the purpose of body growth and maintenance.

Nutritionist: A health professional with special training in nutrition who can offer help with the choice of foods a person eats and drinks. Also called a dietitian.

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