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Glossary of Weight Loss Terms

Saline Solution Port:Disc-like device implanted beneath the skin of patient's torso, used to adjust the constriction of the lapband.

Saccharin: a low calorie artificial sweetener
Somogyi Effect a rebound effect of low followed by high blood glucose caused by too much insulin.

Saturated:Fats: Fats contained in dairy products, meat, poultry and vegetables. These fats, such as butter, are solid at room temperature. Saturated fats have been found to raise cholesterol levels.

Serving Size:A standardized amount of a food, such as a cup or an ounce, used in providing dietary guidance or in making comparisons among similar foods.

Set:A number of repetitions of a movement, such as an arm curl or a squat. Squatting down and back up is one rep. Doing that 8 times would be one "set"

Shin Splints:Lower leg injury where there is pain along the shin bone; usually caused by excessive pronation or weak shin muscles; treat with ice and stretching and strengthening exercises; can lead to stress fractures.

Simple Carbohydrates:Single molecule sugars such as glucose, fructose, and galactose. So called because their chemical makeup consists of only 1 or 2 sugar molecules as opposed to complex carbohydrates, which contain many.

Simple Sugars:Single Molecule sugars such as glucose, fructose, and galactose.

Sorbitol: a sugar used to sweeten foods.

Spinning:The spinning program utilizes a stationary bike to simulate a real outdoor biking experience. There are no computers attached to the spinner, and the bike has a fixed gear, racing handlebars, pedals with clips or cages, and a seat that can adjust up and down, fore and aft. Each spinner also has a resistance knob that you can use to adjust the intensity of each workout.

Spot Reduction: Removal of stored fat from specific areas in the body. No activity or exercise can remove fat from a specific area.

Sprain:An injury to a ligament when the joint is carried through a range of motion greater than normal, but without dislocation or fracture.

Static Stretch:A simple muscle stretch that goes just to the point of gentle tension and is held steadily for several seconds without moving or bouncing

Strain:Injury resulting from a pull or torsion to the muscle or tendon that causes various degrees of stretch or tear to the muscle or tendon tissue.

Strength Training:Activities specifically designed to build muscle and increase strength. Strength training also helps to maintain the amount of bone in the body and can help maintain weight.

Stretch reflex: A protective, involuntary nerve reaction that causes muscles to contract. Bouncing or overstretching can trigger the reflex in which muscles are trying to protect themselves from damage.

Subcutaneous: Beneath the skin, but above the fascia and muscle.

Sucrose: a form of sugar that the body must break down into a more simple form before the blood can absorb it and take it to the cells.

Sugars: simple carbohydrates which are sweet and occur widely in nature e.g. fructose, glucose,lactose, sucrose.

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