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Glossary of Weight Loss Terms

Vastus Intermedius Lateralis and Medialis: 3 of the 4 muscles of the thigh that make up the quadriceps. Strong quads help protect your knees. The 4th muscle is the rectus femoris. Cycling, skiing, running and hiking downhill work these muscles

Vegan:A strict vegetarian, who eats only foods of plant origin

Vegetarians: A general term used to describe people who exclude meat, poultry, fish or other animal-derived foods from their diets. An ovo- vegetarian will eat vegetables plus eggs and egg products, and an ovo-lacto- vegetarian will add milk to this regime. Since no vegetable contains all of the essential amino acids but eggs do, including eggs in the diet protects against amino acid deficiency.

Vernix:Cheesy white substance that coats the skin of newborns.

Vertical Gastrectomy: Also known as gastrectomy and gastroplasty. A bariatric surgery in which surgeons divide a patient's stomach into a slender vertical pouch.

Vitamins:Substances that are required in very small amounts for the body to stay healthy, but that must be obtained from the diet as the body is unable to make them for themselves.

VO2 max: The highest volume of oxygen a person can consume during exercise. Often used as a predictor of potential in endurance sports.

Vein: In biology, a vein is a blood vessel which returns blood from the microvasculature to the heart. Veins form part of the circulatory system. The vessels carrying blood away from the heart are known as arteries.

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