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  LA Weight Loss

LA Weight Loss is not a diet but a revolutionary weight loss program that will help you finally lose your weight. LA Weight Loss Centers was founded in 1989 by Vahan Karian and since then has become one of the world's fastest-growing franchise systems. The LA Weight Loss program helps clients achieve easy, effective, affordable weight loss results using unique, personalized meal plans and one-on-one counseling. There are more than 650 LA Weight Loss Centers world wide. LA Weight Loss currently operates more than 325 corporate and 275 franchised Centers in the United States , Canada and Europe .

LA Weight Loss is a unique combination of regular foods that you can eat out or purchase at your grocery store AND personalized, one-on-one counseling. This combination makes L A Weight Loss unique and is why LA Weight Loss works! Internal studies have shown that LA Weight Loss clients lose two- to three-times more weight than those on other programs.

Features & Benefits:
LA Weight Loss program combines flexibility with maintenance of your privacy. One of the best features of LA Weight Loss is that you can come in as often as you like, whenever you like, without making an appointment. LA features an exclusive line of supplements and weight loss enhancers that are only available to LA clients. These products were specifically designed to work in conjunction with our program and will help maximize weight loss.

They believe your weight loss is your own business - not everyone else's. So their counseling sessions and weigh ins are done in private, one-on-one sessions, not group meetings.

They create a program that fits your life, and you'll come to the Center when it fits your schedule, not theirs. They'll make sure your customized meal plan includes your favorite foods.

With L A Weight Loss, you eat real foods - the same foods you're preparing for your family - and still lose weight! You can even eat out in restaurants, including your favorite fast food places.

Personal Attention
They know how important encouragement and support can be in helping you meet your goals. Your one-on-one sessions with their trained, professional counselors will keep you motivated.

Safe, Rapid Weight Loss
The LA Weight Loss program works so well because it's based on balanced nutrition and sensible portions. You won't find starvation diets, "miracle" ingredients or unsafe fads here. On the LA Weight Loss Program, you'll learn about nutrition and how to eat right - for life.

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