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A New Study Suggests Weight Loss Programs to be Race Specific

Aug 29, 2005

A recent study conducted by Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, suggests that weight loss programs need to be race and income specific as weight control experiences of the women hailing from different races and class vary from each other.

According to the survey, the white women mentioned physical activity as their key to weight-loss success, while the black women put more emphasis on food choices. The black women in particular said weight loss programs that incorporated spiritual and psychological support would be helpful.

The low-income women surveyed said cost had been a barrier to effective weight loss for them. The study's authors said that it points to a need to promote "creative strategies that educate low-[income] women on cost-effective ways to eat healthy and engage in physical activity…"

The finding suggests that black and low-income women are at higher risk for obesity than the general population, but tailored weight-loss programs could help reduce the risk of weight gain.

Source: http://eurweb.com/story.cfm?id=22054

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