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Remedilean, the Latest Weight Loss Supplement

Sep 08, 2005

Remedilean™ is the latest weight loss supplement launched by Remedic Health, a well-known name in the dietary supplement industry. It contains ingredients that assist the body in preventing the two main causes of weight gain; overeating and a slow metabolism.

Remedilean™ contains a potent combination of patented metabolic boosting ingredients including Advantra Z® and Metabromine™. Apart from these, it also contains numerous appetite suppressing ingredients to assist the consumer in lowering their caloric intake.

Initially, this wonder diet will be available exclusively at RemedicHealth.com. However, there are ongoing discussions with other reputable online marketplaces in order to provide the consumer with a variety of stores to choose from.

Source: http://press.arrivenet.com/hea/article.php/690613.html

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